Mind those detours!

You may have noticed the detours on Hiawatha Drive surrounding the ongoing utility installations between Alleghany and Milligan Avenues. The City asks that you follow the posted detours and avoid the City’s street project as much as possible – doing so will allow the project to move forward more quickly.

The City’s contractor is working diligently to complete final grading, but has experienced difficulty due to an increase in traffic and loading. On the streets with only gravel, additional traffic has led to rutting and even failure in some locations where too many trucks have passed. Traffic updates will be shared regularly and can be followed on Twitter (@Wabasha30)

Updated construction schedule released

The ripple effect of the late spring weather is continuing to wreak havoc on the City’s project, especially now that asphalt materials are in high demand for the construction season. Please find the updated project schedule below. All dates and times depend on the weather, and are subject to change.


Complete curb and gutter: August 5-12

Concrete driveways: August 5-12

Restart paving operations: August 12-19

Turf establishment: August 12-26

Signing, striping and clean-up work: August 26-September 13

For more information, take a look at the most recent Project Newsletter, which can be found in the Newsletter Archive.

Interested in private driveway work?

The contractor can provide bids for additional asphalt and concrete work for the construction of private driveways within the street reconstruction area. If you are interested in an asphalt driveway please call Rochester Sand & Gravel at (507) 288-7447, and for a concrete driveway call Harmon Concrete & Construction at (715) 832-5606. It is not necessary to wait for construction to start in order to obtain a quote, and the contractor would prefer residents request quotes sooner rather than later.

Please note that the City will not have involvement in any agreements or contracts made with the contractor to replace portions of your driveway beyond the work contracted by the City. 

Project update – Work on County Highway 30 slated to begin soon!

Work on County Highway 30 (Hiawatha Drive) will likely start the week of June 3rd and begin between the railroad crossing of County Highway 30 (near Kellogg) and Pierce Avenue. Traffic restrictions will be used as needed for construction operations such as one lane with use of flaggers, one-way traffic and reduced lane widths. Road closures to through traffic for various segments of County Highway 30 will also be necessary. For access to and from County Highway 24, road users should plan for a posted detour or traffic restriction depending on location of construction activities. If possible, users should plan to use alternate routes.

High river levels and wet weather have left their mark on this project

Spring weather conditions have certainly made an impact on the street project. The higher Mississippi River levels have raised the groundwater along Alleghany Avenue and Main Street. This has affected the progress of the watermain work on Main Street, east of Franklin Avenue, and the completion of final street grading along Alleghany Avenue.

The wet weather has continued to saturate the street surfaces in other locations as well.  There are several areas that continue to be impassable as the contractor has been working the surface of the street in order to dry out the sub-grade materials. It can be frustrating at times due to the changing conditions and planning by the contractor, but we ask for your continued patience during this problematic stretch of weather.

Concrete work in progress

Portions of the project are finally taking shape and there is noticeable progress. The contractor is placing concrete curb and driveway aprons along Franklin Avenue, Bailey Avenue, and Main Street. Concrete takes time to cure and the contractor has asked that property owners use caution when driving over these new surfaces. Concrete can be walked on after 24 hours, driven over carefully after 5 days, but does not actually reach full strength until 30 days after placement. 

Typically, the contractor will return several days after curb is placed to finish the remaining concrete driveways and aprons. From the time the curb and concrete aprons are placed, it is possible that you may not be able to access your driveways for a full 8 to 10 days or more. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call the project inspector or engineer with.